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Wasted on the Way by Graham Nash

Nov 30, 2023 4:32:16 PM / by Tim McCarthy

Editor’s note: occasionally when listening to a playlist of my favorite musicians, I find a cut I don’t remember well or at all.  While playing a Crosby Stills and Nash retrospective recently, I heard this song written and recorded in 1982.  Not surprising I didn’t know it well since by then Alice and I had two infants running us ragged.  First, I love the story behind the song.  The band was famous for magic onstage and strife among the three off-stage.  Nash wrote this song after dinner when they were trying to get the band back together.  The lyrics mean something that applies to all relationships.  Finally, the live version here reminds me of their dedication to the craft of live performance.   Magic.

Favorite Lyric: 

“When you were young,

Did you question all the answers?

Did you envy all the dancers,

Who had all the nerve”? 

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Tim McCarthy

Written by Tim McCarthy