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The Spy and the Traitor by Ben McIntyre

Oct 31, 2022 11:27:21 AM / by Tim McCarthy


Editor’s Note: If you like John LeCarre, you will love McIntyre since, as close as the great spymaster came with his fiction, this is non-fiction. The author builds a page turning story (particularly as the book progresses) from the life of Oleg Gordievsky considered by most as the most important Russian spy of the Cold War. As Kim Philby was Russia’s infamous plant in Britain’s MI6, Gordievsky was a British plant in the Kremlin and KGB’s Lubyanka. McIntyre’s account of Philby in “A Spy Among Friends” is good, this story is even better.

Favorite excerpt (because it’s perfectly appropriate to our current environment)“Paranoia is born of propaganda, ignorance, secrecy and fear.”

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