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Stutz by Jonah Hill

Apr 2, 2023 8:21:23 PM / by Tim McCarthy


Editor’s Note:  If you don’t have Netflix, there’s plenty out there online regarding this 90 minute interview of psychiatrist Phil Stutz by his client, Jonah Hill.  I’ve watched it twice and plan to watch it at least one more time.  Hill’s concept is to turn the tables on his shrink in order to share with the audience a few tools Stutz taught him over five years of therapy after Hill’s brother died suddenly.  The intensity of their vulnerability is nicely offset by their humor.

Excerpt: You have three aspects of reality that nobody gets to avoid. Pain, uncertainty, and constant work. Those are things you’re just gonna have to live with, no matter what. What will make you happy is the process. You have to learn how to love the process of dealing with those three things.”

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