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Furnishing Eternity by David Giffels

Aug 30, 2020 9:48:36 PM / by Tim McCarthy

Editor’s note: Thanks to friend, Frank Dixon, for turning me onto Giffels, a local (Akron) professor and writer. Don’t let the theme of building his own coffin (yes, that’s the story) throw you off. Rather than morbid this book is filled with wisdom, warmth and laughter. It is quite more about living than dying. Whether the cause is the author’s writing or my comprehension, the book started to really delight and engage me more after page 148, when at least a half dozen times I would stop, say “wow” and reread the paragraph or section.

Excerpt: For all the questions that had found their way into the process, I was reminded of why I had started the coffin project in the first place.  It was a way to spend time with my father.

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