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Jun 4, 2024 12:24:25 PM / by Tim McCarthy

06-2024 Funny - Terry


Joke of the Month: Favorites of Terry

It’s almost a year now since the funniest man I ever knew passed away.  Here are a few of my favorite things my brother, Terry, often said:

“Nyello?” When he answered the phone.  It was an imitation of an old woman he delivered newspapers to a million years before.

“I bid you fondue”…saying goodbye by malapropping his French 

“Help, Daddy, Danny, don’t hurt Daddy”.  His words to his 30-year-old son who had just dropped a rolled-up carpet they were carrying.  So of course, most mishaps in our family are now followed by the words, “Help, Daddy, Danny”.  

More to come…



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