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Book of the Month  |  The Last Ships From Hamburg

Apr 1, 2024 3:45:14 PM / by Tim McCarthy

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 Favorite Book: The Last Ships from Hamburg - Steven Ujifusa

Editor’s note:  I like history in general and particularly about the world war periods.  There is so much to learn that we must hang onto.  This book really grabbed my attention because it combines business, politics, immigration, social behavior, and war.  I guess I’ve never thought beyond “all those people arriving at Ellis Island” to find out more about what ships carried them! 

Favorite excerpt:

““There was scant mention of his [J.P. Morgan’s] involvement with the Titanic.  The Wall Street Journal did, however, did offer this laconic verdict on the International Mercantile Marine [consortium], his only business failure: ‘The ocean was too big for the old man’.” 

Read if for your self here.





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