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Song of the Month  |  I Am

Mar 2, 2024 5:08:04 PM / by Tim McCarthy

03-2024 Song - I Am



Song of the Month:  “I Am” by Tim McCarthy01-2024 Song - I Am - Thumbnail-1

Editor’s Note:  I dedicated this month's Thoughts to my son, Kevin, for the years he served as my partner in marketing.  He has moved on to a broader entrepreneur career now and so he has better things to do than create, edit, and update every list, every communication and every presentation I’ve done since 2011.  He was also kind enough to accompany me in the early days of each Vistage presentation to coach me into a top 30 speaker among their 1,500.  Since Kevin is also an accomplished singer and songwriter, I am featuring one of his own pieces as my Song of the Month.  (Click on the image to listen.)

Favorite Lyric:

““I am, I am, who I will be
Loving truth is all I see”




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