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Song of the Month  |  I'm Just Thinkin' About Love

Jan 31, 2024 2:37:38 PM / by Tim McCarthy

02-2024 Song - Wild River-1



Song of the Month:  “I’m Just Thinkin’ About Love” by Wild Rivers

Editor’s Note:  For the first time I can remember, I enjoyed the video of this song almost as much as the song.  The band members are showing off a bit of grace and humor.  I came upon this Canadian band while listening to another favorite band’s “radio mix”.  Wild Rivers will become a new band to explore, perhaps go see on tour this year.  Enjoy.

Favorite Lyric (since it reminded me of 50 years with Alice):

“We could do the long haul
We could ride it out, I know the ride's rough
But try us”




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